a1I know what you are probably thinking. No, we certainly have nothing to do with marijuana. Not on this site, not at all.

If there’s anything addictive here, it is gardening. We are Weed Wizard, and this is our magazine.

I grew up on a farm, spending summer days of exploration with my hands. Childhood would have never been fun, without all the dirt clogging the sole of my shoes and seeing plants grow in our huge backyard.

However, due to the ironies of growing up, greener pastures were apparently in the cities. I was forced to leave the farm life.

I wouldn’t complain much about living in the metro, though there are farm moments I’d miss once in a while. I had no choice; I can’t bear the longing anymore.

So I went out to buy gardening materials – terracotta pots, soil, and some vegetable seeds for a good start. All right, I planted lettuce and started munching on it as soon as it matured. Salad, anyone?

My neighbors started to ask more questions about planting. Being the busy me that I was, I would tell my friends I’ll get back to them later during the day. Guilty as I was, I would spend some time writing a casual letter with all the explanation and information I could get for their inquiries.

Then, this scheme – writing about plants, soil types, and gardening, fertilized the ground for Weed Wizard.

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