A Smart and Effective Awareness Guide to Pre-Planting

Gardening as a hobby can be a fun and rewarding experience. Before you start, there are some things that you need to be mindful of to have a cost-efficient smart hobby. Here are a few reminders that can be beneficial to aspiring gardeners.

Locate Your Utility Lines


Not unless you plan to garden in a raised soil bed or box, consider identifying where your electric and sewer lines are. You might end up damaging your lines in the long run. If you can’t seem to pinpoint where they are, call a professional to have them visibly marked.

Picking the Perfect Spot


A well-ventilated area in your lot with the most sun exposure may just be perfect for your seeds and greens. If you doubt your soil’s nutrient content, you may call to have it tested or start nourishing it yourself with compost, water, and fertilizer before seeding. Don’t forget to check the ground for rocks and other objects that need to be removed. Additionally, tight soil requires loosening to promote root growth.

Animal and Pest Proofing


If you’ve noticed raccoons, rats, and herbivores around your neighborhood, prepare to protect your loved greens. Building a sturdy wooden fence might suffice. If you have a budget to spare, an electric fence also works well in keeping animals out of your soil bed.

Tools, tools, tools


Basic tools are a way to go. If you must, build your soil box with reclaimed or scrap wood materials. A hand shovel and a medium sized rake usually do the trick. Add useful tools to your collection as your garden progress.

Know Your Plant Better


Create a list of do’s and don’ts for your selected plant: such as the right depth of soil, amount and frequency of watering, and sun exposure. Doing a research beforehand will boost the chances of a successful garden.